Modular Camera

Modular Camera was designed, built, and tested by Chris Curro and I in 24 hours at a Cooper Union Hackathon. As photoenthusiasts we decided to create a laser-cut modular camera system during the event. The camera has three modules. The first holds the lens(es), shutter and aperture. The second is a translatable focusing module. The third mounts a film or digital back. The configuration shown below holds a 120mm FL positive meniscus lens, a f/11 circular aperture, and a single blade leaf shutter. As a modular system, we created many other aperture shapes and sizes, and one could create different shutter mechanisms, optical lens stacks, and a variety of camera backs (digital, medium format, polaroid, etc.). My Nikon d90 was used during the Hackathon to efficiently demonstrate the potential of the Hack. Modular Camera won Most Technical Hack at HackCooper 2014.

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