LURE is a set of sculptures designed and fabricated by Jackie Song and I for Brooklyn artist MaDora Frey during academic year 2012-2013. The artist approaced us with initial sketches of the piece, called LURE. Working within her desired aesthetic and function for the sculpture, we turned her idea into a mechanically and structural sound device. Multiple concepts were modeled in CAD software. Once the design was finalized, 2D drawings for manufacturing were created, components were machined, and the sculptures assembled. LURE consists of an upper pulley system that lowers a piece of pyrite down to a claw mechanism. The claw, a lead screw actuated series of linkages with feathers secured to the ends, grabs at the pyrite as it descends. The pulley system and claw are driven by stepper motors, which are both controlled by an Arduino to make the two seemingly independent structures interact. LURE was shown in the Trestle Gallery in Brooklyn soon after completion.

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