Critical Mechanism Schematic and Description

A schematic of the critical mechanism. The precision of the machined is goverened by a 0.013in clearance (1) between the voice coil (2) and magnet (3) due to the absence of an integrated bearing. The top plate (6) fully constrains the voice coils (2) and the middle plate (7) allows for only vertical motion of the magnets (3). A keeper plate below the middle plate keeps the magnets from falling out when there is no power applied to the coils. The structural loop (8) was kept as compact as possible to reduce errors. Tolerance rings (4) locate the voice coils in the top plate and press fit Teflon bushings (5) constrain the vertical motion of the magnet. A stainless steel threaded shaft (9) holds the Teflon plunger (10), which comes in direct contact with the scaffolds.

figure 5

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